***If you are ready to submit, scroll down to the bottom. For more info, here are some F.A.Q:

What is NoBudge? NoBudge is a curated online screening space & hub for true indie films. We have an open call for submissions year round.

Why should I submit my film?

  • You're looking for a respected spot to Premiere your film online. You'll have complete control over the release and availability window. (Choose to have a 1-day only "Preview Screening" while you're still applying to film festivals. Or keep the film up indefinitely. Or anywhere in-between.)
  • Your film is already available but you want it available in as many places as possible. You want a new write-up, which will be obviously be positive if we accept your film.
  • You want the support and endorsement from a site that's been called “innovative” (Filmmaker Magazine) and “indispensable” (GreenCine). You’ll be in great company. We have films from top indie figures like Joe Swanberg and Todd Rohal, and we’ve had live director Q and A’s with filmmakers like Alex Ross Perry and Robert Greene.
  • You want your film to be seen within a true indie context, not competing for attention amongst Hollywood films, or large “indies”, (obviously an unfair fight). Our audiences know and expect small, unconventional films. We are focused on movies made for less than 100K.
  • To be eligible for the year-end NoBudge Awards, which annually names the best film in 12 categories. (eligible films must screen via NoBudge for at least 30 days) 2013 Winners here.

Will I be disqualified from film festivals if I post my movie online?

  • According to a recent survey, 2/3 of film festivals, including Sundance and SXSW, will screen short films regardless of online availability. Go here for more info about festival eligibility, including a full list of festivals.

Can I submit my film if it's already available?

  • Yes. Feel free to submit any film regardless of premiere status or existing availability. NoBudge is not an exclusive platform.

So, will people have to watch my film on their computers?

  • No, we regularly encourage our audience to watch the films on their TV. It's very simple - with Apple TV, Roku, Playstation 3, XBox, or Wii, or any internet-enabled TV, you can watch in the comfort of your living room. (via a Vimeo or YouTube app)

Can I make money with my film?

  • Most films on NoBudge are free, but filmmakers are welcome to charge for their film via any embeddable Pay-Per-View player (like Vimeo On Demand) or accept tips through Vimeo’s Tip Jar. NoBudge takes 0% of these funds.

Is there a fee to submit to NoBudge?

  • Yes. There is a $40 submission fee for features (over 25 minutes) and $25 for shorts. (under 25 minutes) This is used to compensate time screening films, as well as site upkeep / improvements.

Do I get feedback with my submission?

  • If you submit your film as a rough cut, you will receive feedback and a follow-up screening from NoBudge founder & curator Kentucker Audley.

What type of films do you screen?

  • All types. Narratives or documentaries or hybrids. We recommend you watch some of the films on our site to get a sense of our taste but we like anything distinct, whether it's naturalistic, stylized, funny or dramatic. Character or tone-based films may have a better chance than plot-driven or genre, but that's not always the case. 

Do you accept films from outside the United States?

  • Yes. As long as it's in English or has English subtitles.

Can I ask for a waiver?

  • We don't grant waivers. Sorry. We think it's only fair that everyone submits on equal footing.

When do films screen online?

  • Anytime. Depending on a film’s strategy, a film may premiere directly online, or it may wait till after a festival run. If your film is chosen for NoBudge, you have complete control over the screening availability. You can choose to have a one-time only screening, a week-run, or indefinitely. Also, you keep 100% of the rights of your film.

I'm not ready to put my film online yet. Will you post my trailer on NoBudge?

  • We only post trailers for films we've seen and would accept for the blog. That said, you are free to submit your film early on, and if we accept, we'll post the trailer ASAP, and hold off posting the full film until you're ready.

Who decides if a film is accepted?

  • The films are all watched and selected by filmmaker and actor Kentucker Audley. He's been programming NoBudge for over 3 years.
When will I hear back?
  • All films will be notified within 1 week if they are accepted or not.

How does NoBudge publicize its films?

  • We post about every film via our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts. We also have a quarterly newsletter which features essays and additional art about some of our films. That being said, we are a small site with no advertising or publicity budget, so it’s largely the responsibility of the individual filmmaker to generate exposure / traffic.
Is NoBudge a distribution company?
  • No. We curate self-released films. We encourage our filmmakers to seek out additional channels to spread their film. We don't take any licensing rights or collect any profit from your film. 
Can I submit my film if I already have a distributor?
  • Yes, if the distributor makes your film available via Vimeo on Demand or any other embeddable pay-per-view player. 

How many people visit NoBudge?

  • We average around 7,000 unique monthly visitors.

How do I submit? Click "Submit" in the appropriate category below and then create a submission account.

*** Please note: we don't accept all films on the basis of having no budget. We are a curated site. Thank you. ***

Feature Film Submission fee: $40

Short Film Submission fee: $25


Submit a Rough cut (Feature Film): $75

Submit a Rough cut (Short Film): $50

Once we receive the submission, we will promptly review the film. You'll hear back within a week.

Thank you! Can’t wait to see your film!

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